Reflect Your Personal Style with Mirror Sunglasses

Looking to elevate your eyewear? You may add a mirror coat to reflect your personal style. Mirror finishes are a style statement — they shield your eyes and also block out damaging UV rays.

Which Are Mirror Sunglasses?

Since the coat is highly reflective, it greatly reduces the Quantity of light which passes through the lenses, allowing for better vision in certain states, for example:
• Water
• Snow
• Sand
• High Altitudes

What Base Tints Work with a Mirror Finish?


Mirror finishes can be added to any frame that was Zenni. The mirror finishes are offered by zenni: silver, gold, rose fire red, gold, lavender, indigo blue, sky blue, and moss green. When ordering mirror sunglasses in Zenni, you will need to select a base tint. You may select from standard sunglasses tints, polarized tints, and gradient tints (only those tint options that say”with mirror” could be selected). A mix polarized grey tint or is a grey base tint.

We also like to see when our Zennistas go daring! For a fresh and vibrant look, try a foundation tint that is gray with a lavender mirror finish! Just remember that the color of the mirror coat will probably be influenced by the base color of the tinted or polarized lens.

What Frames Look With a Mirror Tint?

Oversized, cat-eyes, hearts, geometric… essentially any shape can be drawn up into statement-making style with a mirror finish.

Small round frames have made a comeback . These black frames are perfect with a golden mirror finish, providing you that 90s vibe that’s on-trend right now.


Sunglasses are a must for anyone seeking to make a statement with their glasses. These contemporary cat-eyes in pink are ideal with an amber or gray tint. Insert a rose gold mirror finish and you have the perfect fashion-forward accessory.

Square eyeglasses have made a style revival in the last few years. These modern black and silver square frames are emphasized with a trendy blue mirror finish.

One of our favourite contours with mirrored lenses is your classic aviator. Because of their shape, these frames that are popular provide better overall protection . Due to the versatility of the design, they work at any combo.