Chanel launched the latest brand’s sunglasses collection in 2016



For nearly a century, CHANEL products in the eternal classic of modern attitude, committed to the global generation of women’s beauty.In each paragraph Chanel glasses or sunglasses have obvious dotted with Chanel logo, constantly to the world show the wearer’s taste and identity. Art aesthetic design and exquisite manufacturing technology combining. Young frame, design dissolved into the fashion sexy line is fluent, there is a feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Count the classic Chanel trend, glasses are always important a ring, thin and lightweight frame, streamlined design, increasingly foil wearing eyes.Chanel launched brand’s sunglasses collection in 2016

On November 4, 2015, Chanel launched their e-commerce site for the brand’s sunglasses collection. This is currently accessible only on the US homepage but there are plans to expand to Europe and Asia soon.

The site features a variety of sunglasses including the latest Pearl and Runway collections. Customers can easily choose their desired sunglasses with the site’s categorized options, wherein you can choose from Color, Shape, Theme and Polarized.

The “Behind The Lens” section on the site presents editorial features this includes images from the latest Ad Campaign starring Lily-Rose Depp, which was shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel launched brand’s sunglasses collection in 2016

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